About Hoylake Inn

Hoylake Inn is situated on the crest of upmarket Bunkers Hill, with an exquisite view of the lovely East London Beachfront and Golf Club.

Bunkers Hill is one of the oldest suburbs in town, having been built next to the East London Golf Club, which is over 100 years old. As a result, properties are large with established gardens and large trees. This all adds to one's general feeling of comfort and spaciousness. It is also common to see people enjoying an early morning or evening walk or run in our area, thanks to the general safety we experience here.

Each bedroom has its own entrance off the pathway, which is festooned with lush palms, potplants and bonsai trees of every size and description. Because each room has its own entrance off the pathway, guests have easy access to their rooms, ensuring no other guests need be disturbed. Outdoor seating areas are well-positioned, allowing for outdoor refreshments or book-reading in the sun.

Laura and Kim Wood, owners, have managed Hoylake Inn for 10 years. Our emphasis is on providing the kind of accommodation we would most prefer: cost-effective comfort, personal, friendly attention and safety for every one of our guests. Wi-fi is available throughout the B&B. There is also a cable internet connection in our breakfast room.

We are also ecologically conscious, constantly striving to do all we can to save our earth & its environment. We believe this can only be accomplished if all are prepared to play their part in doing whatever they can to help. 

What we do:

  • Food waste is made into fertilizer for our many fruit trees
  • We use energy-saving light bulbs & water-conserving shower-heads
  • Metal, glass, paper & plastic are sent for recycling
  • All wood furniture is made from indigenous timbers
  • Most significant of all, we use a wind-turbine and solar panels to supply over 50% of our power needs

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